Club Membership

20 Over 9 - K8TKA

We have 3 membership types:

  • Social Membership $10 - A social membership if for individuals without an amateur radio license who wishes to participate. A social member will have no voting privileges and cannot hold an official office.
  • Full Member $15 - Must hold a valid Amateur Radio License. Will have the power to vote, and after having been a member in good standing, for a period of no less than six (6) months, they may vote at an election. Is eligible to hold any office.
  • Family Membership $20 - A family membership includes all person(s) living under the same roof of a full member. Each additional household member will have either full membership, or a social membership, whichever is applicable.

All members are bound by the Constitution and Bylaws of the club.

If you are interested, please download an application or request one at the next club meeting.

Make Payment via PayPal / Credit Card

Social Membership Payment $10    Full Membership Payment $15    Family Membership Payment $20

You may also mail your dues to:

20/9 ARC K8TKA
P.O. Box 4006
Youngstown, OH 44515


Do you need help with communications at your next event?
(e.g. Motorcycle Runs, Walks/Runs, Event Parking, Outdoor Events)

As part of the Amateur Radio Service, we can provide a free service, using our licensed and experienced volunteers to help you with radio communications for your next event.

Contact Us for more information!


Feel free to contact us with any questions, concerns, problems, complements or just curiosity about Amateur Radio or our club. We will be happy to help any way we can. Just send us an email and will get back to you promptly.

20/9 ARC
P.O. Box 4006
Youngstown, OH 44515

Email: contact@20over9.org